Bretta officiated this couples wedding! Congrats!

Bretta Thompson

In 2012 Just The Two Of Us Wedding Services opened in Indianapolis. In that time I have had the honor and joy of working with over 800 couples. From Officiating to Full Day coordination, also known as Month of Coordination, to partial coordinating and Planning, I have learned SO Much. I treat each and every couple the same no matter how big or small their ceremony is.

A little about  me? I am a mother of 5, a grandma of  7! I love to bake and feel at home in the kitchen. I also love to read, spend time with my family and bowl! (highest score was 280) I LOVE CHOCOLATE and I Mean if I could marry it I would. I have lived in Greenwood for 21 years and love the south side. I am a self diagnosed work-a-holic and cannot sit still. I love to be challenged, busy, constantly learning and STRIVE To always give my best to everyone I know. Family is everything! Life is short, it's precious, SO LIVE IT! 

Whether you are having a backyard wedding at home or a wedding at the Zoo every couple gets the same level of Professionalism and Dedication and attention that they deserve.

I know what goes into a wedding day. I know the stress that can come with it, the frustration, the confusion, the expense, the questions! But I am here to help relieve that stress and guide you so that you don’t have to feel that way.

I love weddings. I love watching a wedding come together and I LOVE being a part of a day where I am able to witness the joining of two people’s lives into ONE.

This isn’t a Job. A job, to me, is something you have to do. I WANT to do this. For the rest of my life for as long as I am able. I continue to grow, learn, challenge myself and see trends changing. It’s so much fun! It’s a happy time. A special and beautiful day for everyone involved.

MICHELLE officiated their wedding!
Michelle is a wonderful officiant!
Michelle and a happy married couple!

Michelle Miller

Michelle has been a great addition to Just the Two Of Us Wedding Services!  Her experience and background bring a level of professionalism and dedication and fun to our business. Michelle lives on the North side of Indianapolis with her 2 children, boxer and 3 cats.  Her presence on the North Side has been nothing short of amazing. Michelle is truly a remarkable lady whom I am honored to know and work with. She gives every couple she meets 110%. From helping with coordinating the wedding party, officiating, guidance and advice. 


Michelle is a breast cancer survivor! She has faced one of the hardest battles of her life and has come out on the other side stronger.  This experience has truly changed Michelle and has given her an outlook on life that she cherishes to this day. It's all about finding happiness, love and making your life what you want it to be. Life Is short so LIVE IT! 

Just the Two of Us is thrilled to have Michelle on our team! 



















Michael joined Just The Two of Us Weddings in 2018. He has quickly found his niche and doesn't know a stranger. Everyone who has ever met Michael absolutely loves him and I can honestly say he has made friends for life with our couples! He is Fun, energetic, creative and just a great dad and husband. He lives in Franklin,In. and I have known Michael for over  20 years. He brings a light, welcoming and just plain happy feel to every wedding he is a part of.  He is a terrific friend and a great officiant!   

MICHAEL is our amazing officiant!
Dustin B 2.jpg

Welcome Dustin to our team! in 2021 I welcomed Dustin as another Amazing Officiant! Dustin lives in Greenwood with his wife and 2 boston Terriers, Oscar and Oreo. Dustin has a amazing personality and presence that makes him GREAT in the role of a officiant. Dustin's friendly, warm, welcoming and funny personality is what makes him such a great asset to our team! Let us know if you would like to book Dustin for your wedding. 


Please welcome Krista to our team! In 2020 we added Krista as another valuable team member! She has been officiating weddings for several years and has the experience, dedication, warmth and charm that everyone deserves at their wedding. Krista lives on the North side of Indy but travels all over Central Indiana. If you would like to book Krista for your wedding officiant needs please contact us today! 

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Meet Sean Maxwell Gee! Sean is our Evansville Officiant and he has the most FUN, welcoming, outgoing and light hearted personality. He LOVES officiating weddings, if you cannot tell! He is professional, Very well spoken and reads a script like it's a love story, because, IT IS! He is also a licensed auctioneer so if you want a FAST wedding he is your guy! LOL He can help coordinate your rehearsal as well. Sean's smile and amazing positive attitude is exactly what you want for your wedding! 

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Joshua Barrett comes to us with years of wedding/officiant background experience. Joshua is a COOL CAT who will bring a light and sense of peace and happiness to your day. He is also a certified Mental health coach, Life coach and Chaplain. He can provide Pre-Marital Counseling as well to couples who are interested. He also has a podcast and has a passion for helping others! He is a Fantastic addition to our team! 

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Everyone Meet Mary! She is our Fort Wayne, Indiana Officiant! As you can see Mary is ADORABLE! She makes the perfect addition to our team because she has theater background, professional speaking experience and LOVES Weddings! Her smile lights up a room, her personality and charm and charisma makes you feel like you are wrapped in a warm blanket! Mary is definitely someone you want to have in your corner on your wedding day. 

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Doron came on board in 2021 and brought his experience in officiating with him! Doron lives on the South Side with his wife and children. He has a passion for weddings and loves to be a part of a couples day. He can help with coordinating a rehearsal as well. Doron has a light, welcoming, doesn't know a stranger presence about him. He loves to be a part of a couple's day and we are thrilled to have him on our team! 

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I am thrilled to introduce Pastor Mark Plummer Jr to our team! He comes to us with a very experienced Officiant Background. Mark also is certified to offer Couples premarital counseling. I was instantly struck by his charm and love for life personality. His faith and love for God is something that everyone should admire. He performs religious and non religious ceremonies and has a true love for being a part of a couple's day. He is such a truly genuine person whom we are thrilled to have on our team! He lives on the north side and has 3 fantastic kids.  

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