Do you want just a simple ceremony with just the two of you? Or maybe just some friends 

and family present? 

Do you want to meet at a park? Downtown on the canal? Even your home or Mine? 

We offer Elopements and elopement packages to meet your needs. 

We create a Custom script just for you. We can even provide a Photographer to take pictures

if you want to capture the moment! 

We have married couples on a horse drawn carriage downtown, a Gondola on the white River, on the steps of Monument Circle even in the parking lot of a Steak and Shake! (They met there!) 

Whatever your desire, whether in Brown County at the Overlook or just a simple service in my backyard

by the pool we can make your day memorable. 

Contact us to learn more about our elopements. 

Downtown Indianapolis: $125.00

Need a photographer? Call us and learn about our different options we offer!

Brown County: $200.00 

My home:  $100.00 Includes custom script and you can take pictures! You can bring up to 5 people with you.  

Do you JUST need a Marriage License signed? We can do that to! 

$40.00 if you come to us. 

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