Wedding Elopement

Ready To Elope? We've Got You Covered

For many brides and grooms, a small ceremony is preferable to a full day of celebration. We understand couples who prefer to keep their weddings private, and we're here if you're considering wedding elopement! Whether you'd prefer to have a quiet ceremony with just the two of you, or you'd like to be accompanied by a small group of family and friends, we're here to make your wedding elopement perfect. When you choose to keep things small, there is a lot of flexibility in how you'd like us to conduct your wedding. At Just The Two Of Us Wedding Services  we'll work with you to ensure that we understand your vision for a perfect wedding elopement.


Not sure about what you'd like from your wedding ceremony? Talk to us. We'll go over the pros and cons of large and small ceremonies and help you decide which makes the most sense for you and your partner to celebrate the start of your new life together.