Wedding Planner 

You're engaged- congratulations! After the excitement of sharing your ring with your friends and family, you're ready to dive into planning your wedding head first. Whether you're someone who has dreamed of your wedding day for years or someone who prefers to go with the flow of planning, it's easy to become overwhelmed with all the moving parts that must come together to make your wedding day a success.



If you're searching for a wedding planner, we're glad you've stumbled upon Just The Two Of Us Wedding Services. We work hard to do all the stressful behind the scenes work that goes into a wedding, allowing you and your partner to fully enjoy each other, your guests, and all the unique touches on your special day.



When you choose a wedding coordinator, you're letting someone take much of the minutiae of planning off of your shoulders. Your wedding planner near me can take care of services including:




  • Handling RSVPs, the guest list, and seating arrangements

  • Working with the caterer to ensure your wedding meal meets your specifications

  • Setting up your bar at the reception, hiring bartenders if necessary

  • Purchasing and setting up decorations, centerpieces, and floral arrangements

  • Managing your calendar in the weeks/ days leading up to the wedding

  • Arranging transportation for you, your spouse, and your wedding party throughout the day of your ceremony




Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be that way! When you hire a wedding coordinator, you're hiring someone to help you and your spouse create a memorable day together.